It’s a bird, it’s a place…. no, it’s a mustache made of chocolate on the end of a stick!  Yes, these are way too cool, and surprisingly not filled with FD&C Yellow #6 Aluminum Lake!  Kids love lollipops, as to many adults, so this is a perfect treat for the natural home.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Melt the white chocolate in a melting pot or double boiler.  Once the white chocolate is smooth and melted (no lumps) add in a small amount of natural coloring powder.  Blend the powder into the chocolate.  Add a little more powder if you want a darker or more vibrant color – go slow, a little goes a long way!



Once you have the color you LOVE, start filling your chocolate mold trays.  Use a spoon to add chocolate to each mustache cavity and work it into the crevices.  Check the understand of the clear tray for any air bubbles.  Use a toothpick to work the air bubbles out.


Now it’s time to add the sticks.  Since the white lollipop sticks are pretty boring, use the colored paper straws to make them more fun.  The paper straws aren’t strong enough to hold up the heavy chocolate mustache on their own, so by sticking the white lollipop INSIDE the paper straw, it adds some reinforcement

Put the white lollipop stick inside of the colored paper straw.  Use scissors to trim them down to fit the mold, if necessary.


Push the top end of the straw/lollipop stick into the chocolate mustache.  Roll the end in the chocolate to coat, and then lay the stick into the mold. You can add a tiny dab of chocolate overtop of the stick to fully cover it.

Let the trays sit so that the chocolate can fully harden.  I didn’t remove mine until 24 hours later, just to make sure they were dry.  Carefully pop them out of the tray.  Use a paring knife to “shave” around the edges of the mustache, for a smooth finished look.


To display the lollipops at a party, use a vintage crate with a green florist’s foam block inside.  Stick the lollipops into the foam block.  Cover the block with moss, straw, or shredded paper.  It’s the perfect centerpiece!  See how I used these at my daughter’s Lorax theme birthday party!



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